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Over 15 Years of Clients!

Below are a few of the clients we have worked on in the last 10 years!

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AskCID White Towel Services - Landing Page

White Towel Services wanted a simple landing page to be used for all 4 of their sites.

AskCID Athletic Field Services / DLTC Landscape Contractors
project for Eliant Tech


Athletic Field Services and DLTC Landscape Contractors needed a simple News page that could be updated through a back-end management tool. They also needed to be able to upload images for each news item.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

Ella Ella - project for Eliant Tech

Ella sells women's clothing and needed a website where they could manage Customers, Sales, Discounts and Certificate Codes, full item management with sizes & colors and general website maintenence. Customer create a customer account where they can manage thier sales and order history. Using the backend management tool they can mange all these items and more!

Created using PHP and MySQL.

White Towel Services, Inc. White Towel Services, Inc. (re-design)

White Towel Services was in need of an updated look to their website. This site is fully database managed using a backend management tool. In fact, they run their entire business online now through this site: sales, shipping, employees, payroll, inventory, etc.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health, Inc. Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health, Inc. - project for Eliant Tech

Shoreline wanted a backend management tool to mange their public website. They needed a calendar, services and practicioner management.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

American Sign, Inc. American Sign, Inc. - project for Eliant Tech

American Sign wanted a simple Javascript rollover function to display some sample store fronts. Both image and copy changes.



AskCID.com needed a website to import hospital information into an easily searchable database. Customers pay a yearly membership to gain access to this database. The site is e-commerce enabled, tracks all customers. It uses an easy import utility that also searches for duplicates in real-time.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

JDH Audio JDH Audio

JDH Audio already runs their entire company using a website built by HCI - estimating, sales, customers, and job management. They needed a simple front-end website that included a login protected walk-through to show prospective customers past jobs.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

Nano-Oxides Nano-Oxides

Nano-Oxides.com needed a basic e-commerce site to sell their powders online. They manage all sales and shipping using a backend management tool written by Hobbs Creek Interactive.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

myAgway myAgway - project for Eliant Tech

myAgway.com needed a website where they could manage every aspect of what the website displayed. Almost every page of the website is managed by a back-end management tool. They can upload pictures, flyers, store information, employment opportunities and more.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

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