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Over 15 Years of Clients!

Below are a few of the clients we have worked on in the last 10 years!

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Airline Towels from White Towel Services Airline Towels from White Towel Services

Give your passengers that "special" treatment they deserve! A hot towel during flight is the perfect way to let them know you care! Perfect for large airlines or smaller, more personalized travel. We tied in this new product website into their existing backend! Full e-commerce site with database sales and shipping tracking.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

Duck Pond Learning Center Duck Pond Learning Center - project for Eliant Tech

The primary goal of Duck Pond Learning Center is to provide an environment that is designed to meet the developmental needs of children through play experiences. We added database functionality to the What's New section of this web site! It is controlled using a password-protected back end management tool.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

www.harlodsroom.com Harlod's Room - Desktop Wallpapers and more!

Harlod's Room, where you can find tons of desktop wallpapers and posters for your computer!

Included Banner Ad Tracking and display counts. Affilliate tracking. PHP and MySQL.

Currey Expedition Company Currey Expedition Company - (update for existing customer)

This customer wanted a new look to their web site. We updated the logo and layout to reflect an up-dated look. Customer requests and trip management is managed via a secure, login-based back end management tool.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

Landmark Home Warranty Landmark Home Warranty

Landmark Home Warranty needed a way to manage their customers, agents and orders. We built a secure, login-based back end management tool for Landmark and their participating Realtors and customers to manage their Home Warranty's and Claims.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

Merritt Canteen Merritt Canteen - project for Eliant Tech

Merritt Canteen, in Bridgeport, CT, features a menu of burgers and hot dogs that would rival any in the world! We built the What's New, Directions and Guest book sections of this delicious web site! These sections are controlled using a back end management tool.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

Model Act Model Act - project for Eliant Tech

Model Act just needed web site optimization and updated layout adjustments to their web site.

American Fire Sprinkler Association American Fire Sprinkler Association - project for Eliant Tech

The Connecticut Chapter of the American Fire Sprinkler Association needed a simple back end to support adding members, events and meeting schedules. We built a back end management tool to manage these.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

Utah Court Reporters Association Utah Court Reporters Association

Utah Court Reporters Association needed a web site to manage their members and promote upcoming events. Members can login to a secured Member Area and pay their dues, list classified ads, pay for seminars, etc. The site is e-commerce ready for dues payments.

Created using FreeBSD, PHP and MySQL.

GO! Towels GO! Towels

Go! Towels is a new product provided by White Towel Services. They needed a web site to promote and sell their new line. We tied the site into their existing management tool which accepts all orders.

Created using FreeBSD, PHP and MySQL.

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