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Over 15 Years of Clients!

Below are a few of the clients we have worked on in the last 10 years!

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RainNShine RainNShine

RainNShine is your basic e-commerce web site. They manage all sales and products using a secure, login-based back end management tool.

Created using FreeBSD, PHP and MySQL.

C2IT Services C2IT Services

C2IT Services needed a brochure-style site to enhance their busies's. The next phase includes a full customer driven site where they will manage leads and customers as well as support, through a back end management tool

Created using FreeBSD, PHP and MySQL.

Bailey, Schaefer, and Errato, LLC. Bailey, Schaefer, and Errato, LLC. - project for Eliant Tech

Bailey, Schaefer, and Errato, LLC. needed a database back end to manage the information displayed on their corporate web site including newsletters, events, services, contacts, Principles, etc. They access a back end Management Tool to modify all information.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

Town of Branford Connecticut Town of Branford Connecticut - project for Eliant Tech

The Town of Branford Connecticut needed a calendar for their home page where they could add meeting agenda's and town meetings. They needed to upload PDF files as attachments to an agenda or meeting. The public can see the calendar and the Town of Branford uses a back end Management Tool to manage all events.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

Custom Signs Designed Custom Signs Designed - project for Eliant Tech

Custom Signs Designed needed an e-commerce solution to sell their signs online. HCI provided the back end capability to take and process orders online and to manage the sales using a back end management tool.

Created using PHP and MySQL.

Cymphonix Cymphonix

Cymphonix needed a site so they can run their entire business online. The site manages all Shipping, Products, Reseller Opportunity and Sales, Lead Tracking, and Customer Support.

Created using FreeBSD, PHP and MySQL.

www.tsunamibandz.com Tsunami Bandz

Join in the world-wide assistance of tsunami victims! Make a personal support statement and raise awareness of the project by making a donation and wearing the authorized Tsunami Aid Band in Saffron Orange. Get involved with a simple $5 offering and spread the word by wearing your band. Donations will be used for food, medicine, clothing and shelter for children and families.

tsunamibandz.com provided artwork and we provided layout services. E-commerce site with back-end management tool. PHP and mySQL.

www.metropolisdesign.com Metropolis Design - (update for existing customer)

Metropolis Design is a full service product development and rapid prototyping firm. Our objective is to create innovative products that assist our clients in meeting and then exceeding their business goals. Through research, creativity, design, engineering, analysis and manufacturing knowledge we make this possible.

Metropolis Design provided artwork and we provided layout services.

www.samaksmokehouse.com Samak Smokehouse

We have been making jerky "The Old Fashioned Way" for over twenty-five years. Our high-quality, hand-cut beef and turkey jerky, smoked trout and kitchen fresh snack foods are made from the finest ingredients without any harmful preservatives or additives.

Samak Smokehouse provided artwork and we provided layout services. This is an e-commerce site using our basic e-commerce package. Full product management, sales reports, and shipping.

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