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Over 15 Years of Clients!

Below are a few of the clients we have worked on in the last 10 years!

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www.revinetix.com Revinetix Backup Solutions

Archive critical data off-site with a revolutionary total disk solution. Revinetix offers disaster proof technology for the 21st Century; a total disk system that connects with every system on the network including servers and desktop's. Valuable data is redundantly stored using RAID technology. The management interface allows you to select key files to be placed on one of the removable disks to safely archive off-site.

Revinetix provided artwork and we provided layout services. They needed a fully functional Sales, Reseller Management, and Customer Support web site. This database driven site includes it all with a back end management tool! Secure customer, reseller and Revinetix login. Customer provided graphic front-end layout. PHP and mySQL.

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Wavetronix solves difficult transportation problems with easy-to-use products that define the standard for full-service traffic data collection and management.

Standard HTML site will Style Sheets.

www.ldsbandz.com ldsBandz.com

Genuine "Lance Armstrong Style" wrist Bands embossed with "CHOOSE THE RIGHT" in "CTR" Green. Order Today for Christmas Delivery!

ldsBandz.com provided artwork and we provided layout services. E-commerce site with back-end management tool. PHP and mySQL.

PatagoniaLC.com PatagoniaLC.com - (update for existing customer)
Being one of our oldest customers Patagonia Land Company needed a face lift se we updated their site using PHP and MySQL to manage their property listings and customers. Comments and questions are tracked per user.

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Used Postal Equipment, Inc.
Used Postal Equipment, Inc. is the Postal Industry's First "Open Market" for used postal processing equipment.

Customer provided graphic front-end. HCI provided full PHP/MySQL back end to manage all customers and items listed. Includes back end Management tool.

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Mr.Rx Utah is a discount pharmacy that offers FDA Approved, generic medications at low-cost prices throughout the State of Utah. Full sales site with back end sales and shipping management.

www.jdhaudio.com JDH Audio
JDH Audio needed a complete back end management tool to create, place and track estimates for their customers. Site includes PO and Invoice management, contact management, and calendar functions.

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